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The Masters
September 29, 2019
Teams of 2 (Mixed Gender)
Rx And Scaled Master Divisions
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Teams Of 2 (Mix Gender)
Welcome To CrossFit Reach's Competition Page...
Home Of The Premiere Local CrossFit Competition
"Robby always hosts such awesome competitions. Having partaken in three competitions at CrossFit Reach, I can say with certainty that all of the competitions have been organized and smoothly ran. Events are fairly judged, and the photographer (Rx Photography) never fails to capture your next profile pic. Despite all the nerves I get before competitions, I always have a blast at CrossFit Reach! Can't wait for the next one!!!"
-Meg Ellery
Why Choose CrossFit Reach Comps? 
World Class Box
Our 10,000 Square Foot Box Has More Than Enough Room. No Cramped Lanes At Our Competitions.
Fun Challenging WODs
We put months of thought and preparation into our workouts so that they are safe (and of course burn).
Fair Consistent Judging
Some may say we are biased...but you won't find better judges and volunteers anywhere else. 
It's All About Fun!
It doesn't matter what your fitness level or experience is. It is our goal to make sure you have an awesome day.
What Can I Expect At A Reach Competition?
Where Did You Get That Shirt Bro?
We Invest $500 into our shirt designs for every competition. It's our goal to create a shirt you can wear inside (and outside) of the box.
Sweet Profile Pic
Our photographers are the best in the biz and always get you in your moment of awesomeness. Just think how many likes you'll get. 
Eye On The Prize
Hard work pays off at our competitions. Cash Prizes For The Winners.Not bad for a day of working out. 
*Rx Division Only
Our Comps Rock...But Don't Take Our Word For It...
"The Competition at CrossFit Reach was amazing. I had a blast competing and I can't wait to compete again at their next one!"
"I have competed at CrossFit Reach 3 times and all 3 times I had a great experience. The day ran smooth from heat to heat, the workouts where great tests of fitness, judging was awesome and the crowd there was awesome! Great outside area for tents and plenty of space inside to warmup for the WODs. Always a great group of athletes to compete against and I'll definitely be there for the next comp!"
-Ryan Cormier
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Only $199/Team
Have A Question About The Competition? We Can Help.
This Competition Sounds Awesome! Are there Rx and Scaled Division?
Yes! This competition is a 2 person team competition consisting of mix genders. We have both a Scaled and Rx division. No matter what your skill level, there is a division for you!
How Many WODs Will There Be?
There are three guaranteed WODs and a Final WOD for teams that make the cut.
I've Never Competed Before...Is This Comp A Good Fit For Me?
Of course! There is no better place to do your first competition than right here at CrossFit Reach. We run a smooth competition so you'll have the best possible experience for your first comp. 
Will there be vendors?
You betcha.  We are lining up some great sponsors for this event which we will be announcing as we get closer to the event. 
How much does it cost?
$199/team and every team gets a T-Shirt. 
I have more questions, who can I talk to?
Feel free to shoot us a message at
Will spaces fill up?
We pride ourselves on having some of the best and smoothest competitions around and because of that ...our competitions always sell out. As always, its better to register early than to wait till the last minute.
Are You Ready To Compete At The Masters On September 29th? Register Below!
Only $199/Team
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